Friday, March 27, 2015

The Lady Outlaw~ Chapter Three

Rafe and his children, Eva and Jackson, were the leaders of this well-organized team of bandits. Eva being the older of the two, was following in her father’s footsteps while Jackson was undecided. A boy of nineteen still had choices, if he didn’t get himself killed before he could make them. Eva, on the other hand, was too committed to leave the gang.

Lucas let his eyes drift to the shadow he’d tried so hard to resist. He twisted his neck sideways and watched Eva’s ritual of temptation. She occupied the bigger room adjacent to his and every night her silhouette appeared on the wall opposite him. The dim light presented an erotic silhouette of the lady outlaw. Look away.

Eva Walker was an impetuous outlaw and sexy as hell. While she was strictly off limits to every man in her father’s outfit, each one secretly craved the pleasures her body could give them. Eva was built for pleasing a man in every physical way. The shape of her curvy body as she arched her spine made Lucas shift positions on the lumpy mattress. Her hand slid over her naked breast and down to her hip.

The caress alone was enough to send most men over the edge. Everything she did was a temptation, and Lucas had been fool enough to taste that temptation in a single moment of weakness. Temptation was a hell of a thing. Having tasted the pleasure made him ache and left him more than a little irritated.

The mistake was one he had no intention of repeating, no matter how much she tempted him. He yanked the pillow from under his head and covered his eyes.

“Damn woman!” he swore softly and closed his eyes. Sleep. He commanded his body as a noise from the other room echoed into his. The sound had a rhythm. Scrape. Scrape. Stop. Scrape. Scrape. Stop.

“Lucas?” he heard Eva whisper.

He lifted the pillow. “Eva?”

“Come help me!” she said over her shoulder.

He sat up. “What the hell are you doing?”

The man’s shirt she wore couldn’t conceal her long legs or round bottom as she yanked the trunk through the narrow doorway into his room. She moved to the opposite end of the trunk and pushed it into his room with a flirtatious smile that turned into a sensual grin. “Want to see what I’ve got?” Eva loved to flirt.

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