Sunday, February 22, 2015

GIVEAWAY! My Second Book in the Way of Hearts Saga

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Here's an excerpt from Chapter Two: Trust No One

"Callie let her fingers slide down the window. The atmosphere of the mansion made the glass cool beneath her fingertips. She loved the translucence and simplicity of the glass surface. It concealed nothing. Through the glass, everything could be seen. Though fragile and delicate, it stood solid against the elements, illuminating the darkest places of the mansion. The tiny nicks and circular inconsistencies in its surface were open before the viewer. The glass had no pride, no vanity and no heart to be shattered by the truth of its imperfections. This magnificent marvel beneath her hand was created from extreme heat and sand from the earth. Weren't we all created from the earth? Formed by the fire of our trials, and one day meant to be translucent, unafraid of judgment and frailty.

Her hand fell from the glass and a deep sigh escaped her throat. She would never be strong enough to let her imperfections show.
Sunrises at the Way were always a spectacular event, but at this time of year, on a clear day, sunsets could only be described as magical. The grandfather clock in the hallway counted away the seconds. Callie took a step back and gazed upwards, towards the golden flecks of glass that adorned the upper portion of the window. As the clock struck seven, sunlight poured through the golden glass and bathed Callie in light. Callie loved the light.

She spun around and lifted her arms outward, catching the rays. The light caught in the emerald on the chain around her neck, sending shards of green outward. As the heavenly rays of sunshine danced across her body, she twirled around the great room to the music in her head, keeping her steps within the threshold of light. The tune played over and over in her mind. She hummed the melody and laughed with happiness at the flashes of light.

The moment lasted for only a few minutes, but she was breathless from the experience. Finally, the light dimmed and faded into darkness as the sun set behind the mountain in front of her. With her hand on her chest, she walked back to the window and looked down at the town below.

A twinge of sadness overtook her jovial feeling. Honesty had been hidden from the magnificent display of light. The foreshadowing made a cold shiver run up her spine. The town would always be in the shadow of Sullivan’s Way, the tragedy of her mother's death and its secrets."

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