Monday, February 9, 2015

A Wonderful Review!

I never thought having my work compared to a pot of beans could be so flattering! 

"You know what happens when a pot of beans is put on a burner with high heat? It begins to bubble around the edges, then spreads across the surface with a slow boil. As the heat stays high, the bubbles begin to increase, boiling faster and faster and begins to rise to the top of the pan. Left unattended, the boiling water will overflow the pan and pour onto the stove top. WELL....that describes this story line perfectly!

In the beginning, there is a lot of secrets, deceptions and many, many unanswered questions. But as the momentum begins to increase, the anticipation begins to rise. There is suspense, drama, surprises and unexpected twists. It all builds up to a crescendo much like the pot of beans, boiling over into one exciting, nail biting, breathtaking climax. Descriptions were so detailed it was like viewing a movie in my minds eye. Excellent story and excellent execution! I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. Five Stars."

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