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The Silver Unicorn by Wayne Orr

The Silver Unicorn by Wayne Orr

Available from 5 Prince Publishing  books@5princebooks.comGenre: Fiction, Fantasy, General
Release Date: December 4, 2014
Digital ISBN 13 978-1-63112-085-5 ISBN: 10:1631120859
Print ISBN 13: 978-1-63112-086-2 ISBN: 10: 1631120867
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Th Silver Unicorn by Wayne Orr
Johnny is still recovering from a suspicious car accident that he knows was no accident. Glinda is still scarred from an attack in her youth and in denial about her magical gifts. When these two guarded hearts meet at a concert the magic begins but there’s little time for Romance.

These two star crossed lovers embark on a magical journey through a time space portal aboard a magical unicorn. This portal is being misused by a group of interplanetary smugglers who will stop at nothing to keep their operation going. It's up to Glinda and Johnny to shut this nefarious enterprise down.

These two mavericks face, a mob of cruel demons, a 7-foot human named Grito, a Pit of Cleansing Fire and manage to fall in love along the way.

About Wayne Orr

Wayne holds a Bachelor of Journalism degree from The University of Texas in Austin. He spent twenty-eight years working for the federal government writing manuals and regulations, first in San Antonio, Texas, then in Dayton, Ohio and finally in the Washington, D.C. area including the Pentagon.
He is retired and lives in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington D.C. where he spends much of his time writing and traveling.
He has written three other books which are presently listed for sale on, and numerous other online locations. They are Lonely Texas Road, Dust and Empty Dreams, and The Awakening (The Gay Preacher).
Wayne has also had several poems and short fiction pieces published in the Rusty Nail Literary Magazine. Additionally, he has published work on the Flash Fiction World website.

How to Contact Wayne:
Twitter: @LonelyTexasRoad

Excerpt of The Silver Unicorn
Chapter I

To hear Bum Hartley tell it, the West Texas Energy Systems (WTES) Company was ready to pull out all stops. Willie Justice had decided to make it a major player in the energy business, and when Willie Justice decided to make a move in the oil patch, people listened. So when Bum asked Johnny to go to work for him, Johnny didn’t hesitate to accept Bum’s offer.
Hartley and Johnny’s father used to run around together years before, so it didn’t surprise him much when Bum had given him the call. What had surprised him was that he was going to be in a startup organization owned by the legendary “Uncle Willie.”
Johnny was a petroleum engineer. In the oil patch, people with his skills were in high demand and made good money. The company he was working for was in the process of being acquired by another company. The management people stressed that they would do all they could to minimize any disruption, but at the same time, everyone was encouraged to check other options to see what was available. So when Bum called him, he gave his company two-week’s notice and was now working for WTES.
Practically everyone in the world knew who Willie Justice was. He was The Major Share Holder, The President and The Chief Executive Officer of “Justice Enterprises” and held several other important positions there. Oftentimes he was referred to as Mr. Justice Enterprises. Lately you would see him just about every time you turned on your computer or TV. He may be riding around in a helicopter anywhere in the world that had gas or oil or maybe in Alberta, Canada checking out the oil sands or driving around on a Texas oil lease in a Ford F-150 pickup.
Johnny had seen him on TV once in the White House shaking hands with the president. He was dressed in blue jeans and cowboy boots and wearing a western style tie. Johnny was surprised that he wasn’t wearing a big, white Stetson. But a moment later he had to chuckle to himself, because when Justice walked away some man who looked like he was probably a secret service agent or White House big-shot handed him a white hat just exactly like the one Johnny had been imagining. Justice put it on as he left the room accompanied by some men who seemed to Johnny to be some pretty important government officials.
Johnny figured that it was really cool that someone could be so nonchalant and casual around the president. It sure did prove the old adage about money talking. But in Uncle Willie’s case it was undoubtedly more than just the money. He had been an icon in the energy business for more than forty years. Just about anyone in the world would probably want to shake hands with him. Being a president doesn’t make you immune to that, Johnny reckoned. Anyway, Johnny figured that old Bum was right. If Willie Justice was ready to get involved with West Texas Energy Systems, the company was probably on its way.
Johnny pulled into the parking lot and parked his pickup. Neither Bum nor Billy Joe had arrived yet. As far as Johnny knew the three of them were the only employees that the company had so far. But from his understanding, Willie Justice was bringing down an “implementation cadre” soon to get the company staffed and operating.
Bum and Billy Joe usually arrived at around nine o’clock. Johnny looked at his watch and saw that he was about fifteen minutes early. He figured he might as well brew a pot of coffee while he waited for the others. He liked his coffee a lot more than he liked Bum’s. And there was certainly no use in waiting for Billy Joe to make any. Billy Joe picked up a cup at McDonald’s on the way in and wasn’t about to waste his time brewing any. Johnny had just finished making the coffee when Bum and Billy Joe came driving into the lot. He poured himself a cup as he waited for them to come inside. He hoped that Bum had some kind of news from Uncle Willie to share with them this morning.
The two men walked up the steps together. Johnny opened the door and said, “Hi fellows.”
Billy Joe was carrying a cup of McDonald’s coffee just as Johnny had expected. Both he and Bum returned Johnny’s greeting.
“I hope you made some coffee,” Bum said. “Billy Joe was too doggoned stingy to get me a cup at McDonald’s.”
“You’ve told me about a thousand times that you don’t like this stuff. You said if I can’t buy you a cup of Caramel Flan Latte or Cafe Mocha just to forget it.”
“So you just forgot it, right?”
“Yep, that’s what I did.”
Johnny said, “I just brewed a pot. That’s exactly what I’m drinking right now. It’s worth seven fifty a cup, but it’s on special this morning for free. You can’t beat that.”
Bum said, “Great, free’s a pretty good price. Hard to get any cheaper than that. I just hope it’s worth it” and went to the pot and poured himself a cup.
They sat down at a little round table, and Bum said, “I just got off the phone with Uncle Willie, and he brought me up to speed about what’s going on. It’s pretty darned good news. He’s bringing in the “implementation cadre” in ten days or so. This place is about ready to start rocking.”
Billy Joe laughed. “So exactly what does that mean?”
“Well essentially that means that we’re gonna start working and doing things. The “implementation cadre” will be running the place for a while and helping us get it staffed. Uncle Willie will probably come in for a few days to make sure that everything’s moving in the right direction. We’ll get settled into our offices and learn exactly what our jobs are going to be. In ninety days or so, when we get the hang of what’s going on, the implementation guys will go somewhere else, and we’ll be on our own.”
“Sounds to me like it’ll work,” Johnny said.
“Oh, it’ll work all right,” Bum told him. “Everything that Uncle Willie gets involved in always works.”
“So as of right now I suppose there are just the three of us,” Johnny said.
“Actually there are four. We’ve just picked up a new fellow named Robert Slater. He’s going to be in charge of the landscaping and sprucing this place up. He’ll be in a little later and we can all go out to lunch.”

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